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Fancy a spot of heavy prog rock? So does Damian


Godsticks are a Progressive heavy rock four piece from Cardiff, South Wales.

New release `Faced With Rage` is the follow up thier 2015`s album `Emergence` and the first to feature new additions to the band with guitarist Gavin Bushell and drummer Tom Price, complementing long time stalwarts of bass player Dan Nelson and vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player Darran Charles.

As with their previous album, Emergence, this release was also produced by James Loughrey (known for his work with acts such as Skindred, Manic Street Preachers and Def Leppard).

“Guilt” is quite an angry introduction and feels slightly haunted at times. The lyrics of `There`s something watching me` adding to the sinister feel of the song.

I really loved “Hard To Face” it had some classy guitar licks, driving bass and thumping drums, which laid a wonderful foundation to Darran`s detached almost distanced vocals. A more straightforward rock out follows with “Open Your Eyes” which gives the guys the opportunity to really let loose and show off their musical ability.

“We Are Leaving” is a softer. more intricate song and shows the diversity of the band. The song is nearer a love song than a ballad and has a superb guitar solo towards the latter part. The music gets a fair bit heavier on “Angry Concern” with the distinctive vocals moving above the powerhouse of guitar, bass and drums. A robust outing of a song.

“Avenge” is a grungy belter of a tune with the vocals virtually pleading over the top of this crunching offering. There are some delightful snatches of intelligent musicianship throughout “Revere” a nicely paced tune. The words shared are almost separated at times with the line of “I don`t want to waste my time” really staying with you.

“Unforgivable” and “Everdrive” have a much more progressive rock feel about them. The former starts off quite dark and heavy before venturing off to a more rockier texture. The later track has more of a funky vibe to it, more a nu metal sensibility.

“Fame And Silence” closes out the album and again has a progressive rock touch about it but with an ethereal feel.

I really enjoyed this album, it was a little different to what I expected to hear but evoked some delightful atmospheres, with smart lyrics, sensitive melodies, accomplished musicianship and well-crafted tunes.

Darren`s vocals are quite distinguishing and idiosyncratic at times which enhanced the colour of the music. A terrific album that stays with you the more you play it.

If this is what being Faced With Rage is all about, I’m happy to be confronted.

Rating 8 /10

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