Snow Ghosts have unveiled a brooding new video for ‘Heavy Heart’, taken from their new album A Quiet Ritual, out now via fabric’s Houndstooth label. The video premiered with Clash yesterday who called it folk-horror and explained, “Snow Ghosts seem able to tap into the eerie, the uncanny… an incantation, an evocation of another England, the video picks up on this, supplying something almost Paganistic in its stylised monochrome.” 

A chillingly beautiful and captivating track, ‘Heavy Heart’ marries pensive soundscapes and ethereal vocals which build to a climactic, distorted crescendo, while hauntingly catchy vocal melodies convey its unsettling sentiment. The video serves as the perfect accompaniment, providing an unnerving, dark and ritualistic vessel for the tones to pass through.

The band explain, The video for Heavy Heart is an interpretation of a Maypole dance, and the theory that the Maypole is a relic of a Pagan reverence for sacred trees. Aesthetically it’s inspired by classic English folk horror such as The Wicker Man, and the films of Ben Wheatley.

The video for ‘Heavy Heart’ sits alongside the previously released video ‘Rip‘ and single ‘Ribcage’, all of which are taken from their new album A Quiet Ritual. Centring around the theme of death, the album seeks to process the shock and grief of bereavement and its aftermath, as well as casting back across history and other cultures for their own metaphors and coping strategies.