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Norwegian Folk Hard Rockers BLODSMAK have released the single and Official Video for the track
‘Bang bang’ from their upcoming 2nd full length album “Gjennom marg og bein”.

“Gjennom marg og bein” is set to be released on March 11th on CD and LP through the Norwegian Metal Label
CRIME RECORDS. “Gjennom marg og bein” was mixed and mastered by Endre Kirkesola at dUb Studio.

Building on the Folk Metal traditions of Lumsk, Gåte, Glittertind, BLODSMAK are more heavy & less metal, fusing almost popish hooks and choruses with their thunderous grooves & insistent riffs among almost proglike elements and a melodic sensibility reminiscent of both introvert grunge and 80’s shameless stadium rock.
01. Fåfengt (06:04)
02. Heimsøkt (04:35)
03. Under mørke tyrirot (04:26)
04. Daud manns bøn (05:49)
05. Finn kvila (06:16)
06. Bang bang (04:34)
07. Framandkar (05:21)
08. Giljotin (05:21)
09. Mørkemann (05:31)
10. Høyrde me skål (05:08)
Pre-orders for “Gjennom marg og bein” are now online at the Crime Records Webshop.


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