Swedish hard rock outfit NESTOR choose to reunite and reinvent the iconography of rock, and brought back its glory in 2021 with their debut album Kids in a ghost town. Originally formed more than three decades ago in 1989, the unbreakable bond of NESTOR is back for good and is shining brighter than ever! As the year is coming to an end, NESTOR wants to thank their fans for their incredible support throughout their journey. Gaining millions of streams on Spotify and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube has made them the hottest newcomers of modern rock.

The band’s heartwarming recap video, set to the lively and emotional tune of “These Days”, pays tribute to their dedicated fans. The five-piece expresses their gratitude for the support they received from their fans during this year’s festival performances, as well as shows with rock legends KISS, Alice Cooper, and H.E.A.T. Their recap video captures these very precious moments with their fans at Nestor Fest 2022 and Sweden Rock Festival.

With over 30 years of existence, NESTOR embraces influence from the 80s with a sense of nostalgia and authenticity. With glossy production, NESTOR takes you straight back to the golden age of rock music, openly displaying their influences – from Bon Jovi and Aerosmith to Journey and Foreigner.
Upon its initial release, NESTOR‘s acclaimed first album, Kids in a ghost town, sent their fans on a journey back in time to the 80s, both in sound and spirit, as well as with their completely self-produced music videos – all of which spurred a nomination for a Swedish Hard Rock/Metal Grammis-Award! This is an album of such impressive scale in fact, that Napalm Records has decided to re-release Kids in a ghost town as an exclusive Deluxe Edition, out now September 30, 2022!
NESTOR Singer Tobias Gustavsson about the re-release of Kids in a ghost town:
“The ambition with the re-release of the album is to extend and deepen the story of NESTOR. By adding three new songs, we’re letting the listener once again go back in time and remember how it used to be in the late 80s!”
Get your copy of Kids in a ghost town HERE:

Jonny Wemmenstedt – guitar
Mattias Carlsson – drums
Tobias Gustavsson – vocals
Marcus Åblad – bass
Martin Frejinger – keyboards
NESTOR online:
Napalm Records

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