From the new album “Wurdiz”, set for release on September 9th through By Norse Music 

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Acclaimed Nordic Dark Folk artist Sowulo reveals the third single and lyric video “Æt wega ġelætan”, from the upcoming new studio album “Wurdiz”, set for release on September 9th through By Norse Music. 

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“Æt wega ġelætan” is a powerful song about crossroads and choices.   

Faber Horbach comments: Whenever fate is pulling you into an unexpected direction, a path that you didn’t plan to take, it can be quite a shock. Feelings of resistance, doubt and fear can surface, but there is only one way to deal with this and that is to be courageous and wander forward into the unknown.We are all weavers of our own life paths. We all use the spindle to create our threads. To make our threads, we can pick the wool of our own choosing, or the one that destiny wants to hand us. Which one will you use for the tapestry of your life?”

About the album: “Wurdiz”, the proto-germanic word for destiny, is all about the dance between fate and free will and with these songs, Sowulo’s founder and multi-instrumentalist Faber Horbach intentionally connects to fate and let it incite him to become a weaver of his own destiny.

The album is about fate as the unfolding turning of events and the journey of becoming aware of one’s own threads within the tapestry of life. As the twelve songs unfold, the replicas of historical instruments in combination with modern-day instruments and production techniques confer to “Wurdiz” a powerful and cinematic sound that takes you on a journey within. While the carnyx, lyre, nyckelharpa, Irish bouzouki, Celtic harp, and blow horns create echoes from the distant past; throat singing, spoken incantations and powerful vocals tell the stories on a deep emotional level, accompanied by bombastic percussion and strings. 

Faber Horbach comments about “Wurdiz”:

”Life, or our reality, can be seen as an unfolding tapestry formed by all kinds of different threads that interact with each other.All the threads are interlinked, holding each other in place. The unfolding reality which takes form in ‘the loom of life’ is based on the interplay between your agency and your fate.Are you aware which thread you are in the bigger picture? Are you able to co-create your reality with fate?To recognize your own fate is the first step in consciously embracing your destiny, and so you will become who you truly are.” 

The album will be available as CD Digipack Trifold w/ 16-pages booklet, regular Black, and Limited Grey 2×12” vinyl in Gatefold featuring printed inner sleeves and etched D-side, and digital. All formats are available for pre-order in the By Norse Music stores:


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Sowulo is formed by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Faber Horbach. Captivated by the cyclical nature of existence and an animistic worldview, Faber is determined to express his spiritual path through his music. 

Creating melancholic and powerful songs full of spirit and depth is the essence of Sowulo. With lyrics in Anglo Saxon language and music created with (early) medieval and contemporary instruments, the creator and listener are challenged to go on an inner journey and to invoke archetypical wisdom.

Sowulo, Sowilu, Sowilo, Sol or Sigel, is the name of the rune-s and means ‘Sun’ on a symbolic level. Cycles can be found in every individual song up to the entire discography, it follows our interaction with the Sun and tells the storie of our inner and outer cycles of day and night, the four seasons, birth and death. 

Since 2013 Sowulo released three completely different concept albums: “Alvenrad” (2013): an instrumental ode to the pagan year feasts; “SOL” (2016): a recomposed and reinvented acoustic version of the debut album and “MANN” (2019): an expression of the four seasons within through the four archetypes: King, Lover, Warrior and Magician. “SOL” and “MA amassed over 2 Mio streams!

“Wurdiz” Tracklist:

1.      Wyrd Webba

2.      Stearcost ealra

3.      Æt wega ġelætan

4.      Eaxlgestealla

5.      Begalan

6.      Mīn bān

7.      Ceorfan

8.      Sunnanlēoman

9.      Ðæs webban cræft

10.    Unġewiss

11.    Slæp nū sōfte

12.    Āwæcnian