NWOBHM heroes, Satan, have released their sixth full length album Earth Infernal. The album has been lauded by press with Last Rites calling it “razor-sharp, intelligent, and passionate heavy metal of the highest order” and Angry Metal Guy exclaiming “[it] is the best metal I‘ve heard thus far in 2022.” Listen and watch to hear what all the fuss is about with the video for trac “The Blood Ran Deep,” on YouTube here:

Earth Infernal is available now at:

Earth Infernal track listing:
01. Ascendancy
02. Burning Portrait
03. Twelve Infernal Lords
04. Mercury‘s Shadow
05. A Sorrow Unspent
06. Luciferic
07. From Second Sight
08. Poison Elegy
09. The Blood Ran Deep
10. Earth We Bequeath

• Special Edition LP housed in a slipcase (w/ hot foil embossing) incl. slipmat, patch and huge die-cut sticker (EU excl.)
• Digipak-CD
• firefly glow marbled (US excl.)
• 180g black vinyl (EU excl.)
• light yellow marbled vinyl (EU excl., ltd. 700)
• orange red brown marbled vinyl (EU excl., ltd. 500)
• copper brown marbled vinyl (EU excl., ltd. 300)
• ochre brown marbled vinyl (EU excl., ltd. 200)
• clear slate grey marbled vinyl (Metal Blade Shop excl., ltd. 200)
• dark goldenrod marbled vinyl (Bandcamp excl., ltd. 200)

Earth Infernal is a product of the times that birthed it, and could only be the work of SATAN. Having churned out cutting edge heavy metal throughout the 80s – and reunited in 2011 – their sixth full-length maintains the high standard they long ago set, and it is perhaps their timeliest release. “For two years the world has been preoccupied with politics and pandemics and while we were all looking the other way our planet has continued to get hotter,” says guitarist Russ Tippins. “Our Earth is now infernally hot. Almost irreversibly so. We are on a one-way trip to Hell and dragging our children along with us. Yes, SATAN has something to say about global warming.”
Following up 2018’s stunning Cruel Magic is no mean feat, a record that Tippins views as a ‘game changer’ for SATAN. “It feels like we jumped up a level or two. As if everything we’d worked towards since the reunion had suddenly clicked into place.”
Over three years of development went into Earth Infernal, describing the record succinctly as ‘brutal, up tempo, loud guitars, it is classic SATAN but sounds fresh and new, the band experimenting a little. “Steve (Ramsey, guitar) and I had been talking for a while about playing some of our dual leads in unison rather than in harmony – which is our normal method. And sure enough, the trusted twin harmonies are still in abundance on this record, but two of the songs have us playing lead in unison, like Rossington and Collins’ solo in “Free Bird.”
“I believe that our current writing and subject matter are only too relevant to what is going on in the world today,” concludes Tippins. With touring plans in the works, SATAN fans will get a chance to hear Earth Infernal live in the not-too-distant future, and perhaps more importantly SATAN will continue to spread the important message at the heart of the album.

SATAN Line-up:
Brian Ross – Vocals
Russ Tippins – Guitars
Steve Ramsey – Guitars
Graeme English – Bass
Sean Taylor – Drums

Connect with SATAN:

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