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Black metal one man band gets release

Sorrow And Psychopathium Consummate, the new LP from American black metal band SAR NATH is now available through London-based Merdumgiriz Records.

Sar Nath is a one-man black metal entity, formed by former melodic death metal/power metal live musician, Travis Niemeyer. At this time, many opening shows gave his bands fair underground status (opening for acts like Monstrosity, Behemoth, and playing Milwaukee Metalfest 2002). Finding that the music he was involved in at the time was too accessible, melodic, and not tortured enough, a change was made. The first decision was to stop live performances, retreating into a solitary, DIY recording situation in which raw, torturous aural catharsis could be made without others interfering in the honesty of the material’s pessimistic and hopeless nature.

The project is releasing Sorrow And Psychopathium Consummate as its sophomore full-length collaboration with London based Merdumgiriz Records. This diseased soul continues his ventures into the psychotic black metal realm he carved out for himself, deserted of all beauty; absolutely devoid of any sense of sanity. The production is uglier than ever with clipping noises and all sorts of artifacts that flower this disease of an album with a perfect image of his sickness. The ambiance and electronics are present as always, but this time around, just like the guitars is surprisingly melodic and varied! The unique throat illness that Lord Sar Nath suffered for 15 years are again shaping his wretched vocals but this time with more dynamic and stylistic variety than ever before! Veiled by distorted and clean guitar melodies of utter depression and madness, which are backed by drums that cause swells of heartbeat to what is otherwise a sad and broken specter wandering desolated trailer parks. The dynamic compositions present a dissonant beauty that showcases that the bottom of the ocean is not the final frontier of a soul living for depression as he progresses and expands his limits ever downward!

As with his work on all Merdumgiriz releases, each Sorrow And Psychopathium Consummate CD and Tape is handmade by Emir Togrul (YAYLA, ViRANESiR, BLLiiGGHHTTED); who sprays the discs, cuts and inserts the prints for the jewel case, hand-paints the t-shirts and patches and pretty much makes everything from scratch.


The Graves Within
We Lay With Corpses At Funerals
Evil Looks Left Turns Right
Waltz Of Decay
Heart In A Jar
Hellrolling Deathwish
Our Cemetery Quarters
Aokigahara Residence
Outro Of Transcendence


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