Saint Of Death: Track By Track


The brilliant debut EP is out next week, here’s their singer to tell us the details

Track by track of Saints of Death EP explained by Twan Holliday:

1. Army of the Dead: This song is written from the perspective of a Viking in battle. Its underlying message is about the battle of life. “Everyone’s born, everyone dies”, we fight hard and strong, live, laugh, love and when it’s our time to die, we die!

2. Doom 5.1: This song is about organized religion and greed.

3. Blood Vendetta: This song is written about blood vendettas around the world. It’s about people being born into war, and fighting wars started by generations before them in order of gaining redemption for their lost family.

4. Revolution: This song is about unity and standing up for what is right! It’s a call to people everywhere to join together and fight for their rights and what’s right through Revolution.

5. Angels and Demons: This song is written about an old man on his deathbed. Not happy with his life he struggles though a battle between the right and wrong he has done and who will take possession of his soul; angels or demons.

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