Review: Vulcano – Bloody Vengeance (Re-Issue) (2015)


Brazilian Death Metal legends remind South America how it all began.


Since their beginnings in Sao Paulo in 1980 Vulcano have had a large influence over many of South America’s most notable heavy acts with bands like Sepultura and Sarcofago unlikely to have become the bands they are without listening to Vulcano. They are thought to be one of the first bands, if not THE first band in South America to play extreme metal.

The first example of their influence was to be found on their debut full-length release Bloody Vengeance in 1986 and re-released in 2015 accompanied by a bonus DVD taken from a 1986 Festival Da Morte performance by Greyhaze Records. Their style can loosely be described as Blackened Death/Thrash Metal given the lyrical themes and aggressive old school style.

“Dominios of Death” is the perfect introduction to the band. It’s raw rhythmically thunderous and brutal aggression powers out of the speakers like a wild animal ready to be set free from captivity.   The layers of demonic darkness increase in intensity as the album progresses with tracks like “Holocaust” and the unrelenting fury of “Incubus” demonstrate the attitude and skill set that set them apart nearly 30 years ago.

Listening to the album on the time of its initial release much have felt very different to hearing it now. You can barely listen to it now without thinking of all the bands that Vulcano have influenced. These bands almost immediately spring into your head and you can hear aspects of their sound scattered throughout. Of course that would not have been the case back in 1986.

The album’s second track “Spirits of Evil” showcases the band at its finest. It’s arguably the best track on the album and perfectly encapsulates in one track what the band is all about. It is by turn aggressive, melodic, dark and dirty.

“Voices from Hell” does what it says on the tin. It’s voices from hell!! Nothing more nothing less. It’s a brief aural respite though before the final track “Bloody Vengeance” provides the final nail in the coffin. The opening pace is more laboured than the previous tracks but it only increases the depravity and sense of impending doom.

On the downside the production is a little lacklustre and doesn’t really do full justice to the power of the band, even on the re-release but it doesn’t stop the album being a near masterpiece of extreme metal.

The band have continued to release high quality death metal for the past 30 years but this album will always remain a highlight, not only in their back catalogue but in extreme metal’s as well. This deserves to be up there with the genre’s best albums.

Donnie’s Rating: 9.5/10

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