REVIEW: THE NEW ROSES – Dead Man’s Voice (2016)


Rock n roll the way it used to taste

Maybe it’s postmodernism that’s made us all cynical? Whatever it is, there are those of us that grew up in the 1980s with what is now termed as “hair metal” (but was just rock n roll in 1986) that read that bands are influenced by that sound and, as a default reaction, say to themselves and anyone within earshot: “yeah right….”

Of course, just occasionally something comes out that captures that particular lightning in that particular bottle almost perfectly. The shoulda been huge Silvertide, burst out of the blocks with “Show And Tell” a decade or so back and promptly disappeared, The Last Vegas won the patronage of Nikki Sixx and stuck out “Whatever Gets You Off” and continue to slog around in fairness, but other than that it’s been slimish pickings.

Well, allow MVM to suggest that help is at hand, and somewhat strangely it’s come from Germany. Better known, perhaps for its Power Metal and putting its balls to the wall with the odd thrash thing here and there, it’s now swaggering around the bar room with the best of them. It’s given us The New Roses.

“Dead Man’s Voice” is the second album from TNR, but their first for major label Napalm Records, and such is the level of confidence here, that you wouldn’t bet against them making a massive breakthrough.

Quite honestly there’s some songs here that match the huge whiskey soaked groove they are drenched in. “Heads Or Tails” kicks things off with the air of a runaway train, “Partner In Crime” comes on like Aerosmith circa “Nine Lives” and the southern rock thriller of a title track is like Poison covering Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Largely this type of album always lived and died by its hook and it’s chorus, and here The New Roses are top of whatever class you want to put them in. “Hurt Me Once (Love Me Twice)” would be the best song The Black Crowes have written in 15 years and you’d have to go back to Cinderella in the late 1980s for anything quite as catchy as “Try (And You’ll Know Why)”. It is, however something else that really takes the honours and “Thirsty” proudly puts its middle finger in the air, and shows Buckcherry how shit gets done.

Bluntly, if you don’t like those three then you might as well move along as there’s nothing for you to see here, but the rest of us will tell you what you are missing and that includes “From Guns And Shovels” a slow building and perhaps heavier moment, it provides a striking closer.

It wouldn’t be glam rock without a ballad or two, and “…..Voice” has got em, “What If It Was You”, the pick, has the chops to get mobile phone lights up in any arena.

And arenas are clearly where this is aiming, and who knows, it might get there. Put it this way: save your €2000 on a Guns N Roses “VIP experience” and buy this instead. It’s more rewarding and it won’t keep you waiting for hours to get the job done.

Rating 8.5/10

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