When it comes to “1977,” there are two things you need to know. First, Kurt Frohlich was the singer in LA Guns—the Riley version—who released their brilliant new album recently, after Steve Riley had died. Then, the title. That’s it.

Because if from that you reckon that the seven songs here might be sleazy punk, you’d not be wrong.

“I Don’t Want It” has looked at 2024 and doesn’t like it much. But my goodness, it’s catchy.

“I Couldn’t Care Less” has all the lip-curl of the Ramones (which you imagine was a starting point here?), but he can write a chorus. These lodge in your brain, and the lead guitar just sounds filthy.

These are just marvelous slices of music. “Another Heartbreak” breathes new life into Power Pop, “Sick In The Head” pogos about like the Backyard Babies, but always with an eye on the harmonies. And as much as this is supposed to be dumb fun (and it is!), it’s impossible not to listen to “I Wanna Live In Space” and think it might be a half-decent idea.

The underlying aggression that is tattooed through this bursts forth again on “Who Do You Think You Are?” But by the time the off-kilter pop of “Fish Heads” has injected a Sparks-ish sound to things that you didn’t see coming, you are left wondering where Kurt Frohlich might go next.

Wherever it is, if it’s as much fun as “1977,” then count us in for more fun and Frohlich’s.

Rating: 9/10

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