The Auckland quartet release their instrumental debut based around the journey and narrative of Kakuan Shien’s legendary woodcuts, Ten Ox-herding Pictures
The Aurochs by Thousand Limbs is released 19th July on Azathoth Records | Pre-order here
>>> Listen to ‘Fall of Body and Mind’ here <<<
Since their formation in the winter of 2016 in Tāmaki Makaurau, post-metal/doom quartet Thousand Limbs has continued to paint the most visceral of pictures with instrumental sound.
Crafting monumental moments of crushing metal, staggering riffs, and soundscapes that build and blister in and out of existence, their journey toward greatness will continue this summer with the official worldwide release of their debut album, The Aurochs.
Written and produced as a ten-song interpretation of the individual woodcuts that make up Kakuan Shien’s Ten Ox-herding Pictures, both the album and Shien’s art serve to illustrate the stages of one’s passage toward awakening – as well as their subsequent return to impart learned wisdom.
“It’s a sonic interpretation of a perpetual cycle of disconnection and reconnection with a spiritual practice,” explains guitarist, Patrick Gray. “The woodcuts act as an extra-musical guide, with a recurring motif representing the lost beast in the woods, disappearing then appearing again throughout the album.”
Following the release of two successful EP (Woe (2018), 2020’s Mara), the band has teamed up once again with award-winning engineer Dave Rhodes and in The Aurochs produced a sprawling excursion through the wilderness of one’s own nature. As a narrative driven entirely by sound and passion it draws comparisons to acts like Earth, Bongripper and Neurosis, particularly on their latest single, ‘Fall of Body and Mind’. As guitarist Andrew Shaw details:
“Our latest single represents the eighth woodcut in the series and conveys a sense of meditative vastness, the meeting of all and nothing. We wanted the arrangement to make use of space: creating the void and slowly filling it. Tension builds and releases as the song progresses towards its climax.”
Joined onstage by live guitarist Grady Gottler, Thousand Limbs have begun an ongoing series of shows across New Zealand in support of The Aurochs, which will receive an official worldwide release on 19th July 2024 via Azathoth. Pre-order here.
Thousand Limbs:
Patrick Gray – Guitar & Piano
Andrew Shaw – Guitar
Nicholas Baldwin – Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Orchestration
Stuart Harwood – Drums
Grady Gottler – Live Guitar
Live Dates:
5th July – Big Fan, Auckland NZ

Thousand Limbs on Bandcamp | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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