Review : Glasson – Glasson (2016)


Damian gets himself comfortable with the new one from these Swedes 

Glasson is the debut album from Stockholm based, Swedish three piece Glasson.

The band comprises of Johan Glasson (vocals and guitars), Oliver Gille Vowden (Bass) and Fredrik Broqvist (Drums).

First up on this eleven track offering is “Apple Pie” which contains the bizarre lyrics “So you think that it’s time to make love, when it’s time for some apple pie” Maybe a slight difference of perception or something lost in translation but it certainly brought a smile to my face.

Tracks like “Turn Green”, “Hey I Found You” and “Take Off” are superb slices of Garage rock, pounding drums, grinding bass, blaring guitars and Johan’s hypnotic type vocals pushing us along.

“Girl” is a slow churning pounding tune, almost a love song or as near to a love song that these boys will give ya.

“Fat-O-Stat”, “Getting Along” and “Alfa Male” which follows gets us back on track with faster paced melodies very much in the vein of Queens of The Stone Age

“Searching for Nothing” is a nice dreamlike ride, the lyrics say it all “My mind is searching for nothing” good advice from these guys just chill out and go along with where the band are taking us.

“You’re Gonna Die Little Honey” is a bouncy throwaway song where the boys get to let rip with their instruments.

The last track “Feed Me” is an edgy psych trip where Johan’s vocals are brought to the front with great slapping bass lines from Oliver and understated drumming from Fredrick.

This a great debut album from these boys, ok it’ll never win any Pulitzer prizes for the lyrical imput but hey who cares when you get some great kick ass tunes.

The band have a knack of acknowledging bands from the sixties like Cream, The Sonics and The Pretty Things but also nodding towards more recent bands like Electric 6 and The White Stripes.

That said, these guys stuff is all their own.

A solid début album, as one of the songs says “Take off your clothes and get lost” Please feel free to do so.

Rating 8 /10

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