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Folkcore anyone?

Blodsmak is a norwegian folkcore band, playing heavy rock with a generous sprinkling of norwegian folk music.
Building on the folk metal tradition of Lumsk, Gåte, Glittertind, they are more heavy and less metal, combining their thunderous grooves and insistent riffs with almost proglike elements and a melodic sensibility reminicient of both introvert grunge and 80’s shameless stadion rock.Their first album “Av jord er me komne” released in 2014, delves into themes of addiction, love lost, death, longing and redemption. Although the subject matter is dark, the songs themselves, albeit heavy, incorporates almost popish hooks and choruses.


Look out for their new release “Gjennom marg og bein” due March 11. 2016

Tom Ostad (Lead Vocals and Guitar)

Åsgeir Størdal (Guitar and Backing Vocals)
Magnus Tveiten (Guitar and Backing Vocals)
Steinar Evant (Bass)
Geir Johansen (Drums)



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