REVIEW: COLT 48 – COLT 48 EP (2017)


Adam and Matt are back for another go 

Here, the clue is in the name. Colt 48, is a mash up of the two bands that Adam Jerome and Matt Savini have been in before.

It was the second of these, 48 Hours that particularly tickled our fancy around here. Their 2016 album “Expectations” should have been massive. “Unapologetically aiming for more than they’ve got now, this is a modern hard rock record that isn’t arsed with being “core” this or “post” that, rather it just gets on with its own job and does it very well.” We chirruped back in the spring of that year, but for whatever reason it didn’t happen then. It might now, because this first three track taste of the new band is superb.

Coming from (MV faves) The Picturebooks school of “how the hell can a two piece make such a noise”, it slams on the back of grooves that soar their way in.

There is nothing reticent about Colt 48 whatsoever. “Hate Hate Relationship” crashes in on the back of a mighty riff and does the loud/quiet dynamic as well as anyone. Plus the chorus – and the boys always had a knack of writing choruses that were slogans – is one that will not leave once it has wormed its way into your consciousness.

Whether this is a concept EP only the band will know. However it is fair to say that “Vindictive” – key line “you pulled a knife and called it love” – seems to follow the first track. Either way it is another that showcases their talent. As does the last of the three “Liars”. It has the same formula, strident groove, lyrics that seem personal, and a chorus that belongs in arenas rather than the local club.

Whether this can be carried on over a full album remains to be seen, but you’d bet against them at their peril.

Down to brass tacks, if this was the new Seether EP (and it is fair to say that it is unlikely that anyone here will balk at the comparison) then it’s a Gold Record worldwide. As it is, for now at least, Colt 48 will have to be content with making solid gold music.

Rating 8.5/10

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