Review : Angertea – Snakes In Blossom (2016)


Grunge from Hungary? Allow Damian to explain

Angertea are a Hungarian Metal trio formed in 1996 by three school friends Mihály (Michael) Gregory (vocals / guitar), Miguel Peralta (Bass) and László Barkai

Snakes In Blossom is the bands fifth full length album and follow up to 2012`s Songs Exhaled

I’m embarrassed to say but I’ve never heard of any Hungarian bands and after a quick internet search I was still as ignorant. So I was really looking forward to this offering.

The opening track “Snakes” is a real slice of intricate progressive rock. A minute goes by before we get Mihaly`s initially screamed vocals on top of the quite hypnotic drum, bass and guitar. The music really lays a foundation for the vocals which are forceful at times with some growling cum screaming but not inappropriately. There are some cracking bass riffs towards the end of the song which really rounds it off.

“Sinking In Strain” is more laid back affair. This is a very eclectic piece, great bass and drums and lyrics that are almost whispered over the top at times, like a secret to be shared. I was reminded of Maynard James Keenan and his wonderful band A Perfect Circle.

The following number “Seeds of Hell” is a more straight forward grungy rock out before we are gifted a magnificent acoustic love song in the guise of “Aquarium” with vocals beautifully shared with guest singer Sarusi-Kis Flóra.

“Orange Machine” is a sleazy extended portion of grunge metal, intense vocals backed by some heavy bass, pounding drums and off kilter guitar riffs. A piece that comes in at over seven minutes long but certainly doesn’t feel that way.

The following tune “St Andrew’s Store” is a little anomalous, a real trip out of a number with the vocals as good as murmured at times, over the rhythmic backing.

“The Song For Vengence” is back to heavy grunge metal, I could see Alice in Chains performing this aria, my only disappointment is that we got some unnecessary profanities towards the end of the piece.

“Instancy” is another different foray. This time a mid tempo tune with vocals that are slightly unnerving and at times quite guttural but fit nicely with the powerhouse backing of Miguel’s bass. László`s drums and indeed Mihály`s guitar.

As a respite we have “The Moon Encounter” a short two minute melodic segment which highlight’s Mihály`s rich vocal range.

“Tisza” winds up this ten track album with a harmonious assorted repertoire, which veers from dark heavy grunge to more floaty trippy rock, with some screaming vocals thrown in for good measure.

This is a stunning offering which would be bracketed as experimental grunge metal. A real diverse piece where we experience songs about some uneasy subjects such as depression, isolation and societies ills but we also get songs about love,

It’s a superbly diverse album put together by some outstanding musicians.I will certainly be investigating their back catalogue.

This was a cracking introduction to Hungarian rock / metal.They say that you always remember your first time and thanks to these boys I certainly will

Rating 9 /10

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