What happens when a Generation X drum and bass hedonist picks up a guitar and embraces existentialism? Listen to ‘Questions’ the killer debut album by Pure Assassins released 25 November 2022 [self-release] to find out.

Like many of those who came of age in the 90s, Chris Rush has experienced the extremes of the party lifestyle. The multi-instrumentalist and producer behind Pure Assassins cut his teeth as one of the forerunners in the exploding drum and bass scene and although he enjoyed success as part of Calyx, it would be rock music that became his weapon of choice.

With Calyx, Chris achieved multiple releases on iconic Drum n Bass labels such as Moving Shadow, 31 Records, Rugged Vinyl and numerous plays on Radio 1, Kiss FM by DJs such as Grooverider and John Peel. As a DJ, Chris toured Europe during dance music’s 90s heyday.

After several EPs and singles as Pure Assassins, Rush decided it was time to develop an album that brought together his many influences and musical preferences. As Chris says, “I decided not to limit myself with this album and, within reason, to go with first instincts to keep the creative process open and free from too much self-analysis/criticism. If the song felt like it needed a gospel choir, despite being a dirty guitar/synth rock groove then I was going to try it! I feel like this approach has produced some of the most emotionally connected and personal music I’ve ever made. I also surprised myself many times with the final outcome of a track”.

‘Questions’ is a record that showcases Chris Rush’s visionary rock, a sound that will have listeners reaching for the volume and cranking their systems. Lyrically, Chris has pondered meaning in love and life, but infused with both reverence and saltiness.

This isn’t nihilism, ‘Questions’ from Pure Assassins represents a search both for answers and for what is real and trustworthy in an age of uncertainty and paradigm shifts.


Like with the track Questions itself, when coming up with a video concept we wanted to play with the idea of there not always being answers to life’s Questions. We wanted the video to have a comedy angle to it, so the whole thing didn’t become too serious and was fun to make. We talked about using a paper cootie catcher/chatterbox/fortune teller toy but settled on the Magic 8 Ball as the main focus of the story. We all love 30s silent movies, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd etc. and felt it was a theme we could pull off with the tools we had available. 

We met Ben Stoney recently on a photo shoot and he made the filming and editing of the video seem so easy. Former member of Pure Assassins, and longtime collaborator, Chris Mears came up with the concept of the Magic 8 Ball being an Evil Dead style anthropomorphic character and Chris Rush being a Buster Keaton-style character initially thinking he’s found the answer to life’s questions but then quickly finding he can’t get rid of the ball that keeps offering up useless answers. Ben and Chris Rush storyboarded Chris Mears’ initial idea out into what became the final video, adding title cards and old film effects to give the video that 1930s vibe. It was an interesting day running around Bournemouth in that outfit and makeup! Hopefully it’ll make people laugh.


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