Rews released their new single, “Birdsong” last week. And they are set to start their tour with The Darkness on Monday.

So it seems like the perfect time to speak to their leader Shauna Tohill about her past and the band’s future. And we find, that just like MV’s Andy, she loves Busted. Oh and Dinosaur Pile Up.

So, the new single: coming so late in the year it feels like you guys are gearing up for a big 2020?

That is the case!  Hoping to be playing lots of shows, festivals and blowing peoples minds in a great way to kick off the new REWS chapter! Haha!

And the Darkness shows, feels like an extension of that. A big UK tour at some big venues. You must be pretty excited?

It sure is!  I am feeling really excited about the tour!  The Darkness seem like such fun so it will be lovely to be on tour with them for the month.  I’m joined by two lovely musicians in my band (Ele and Scott) and we will have a blast!  

Final one on current affairs, as it were:  if we were to do this in 12 months time, what do you want to have achieved?  Where do you want the band to be? I would like to have the album out, to have done another big tour, and to have inspired and empowered many people to feel comforted through the music, to push their boundaries and do what they love! 🙂 And maybe have a song remixed by Skrillex…. 

And now, moving on to your musical past

What was the first single you ever bought?  Haha!  It was Complicated by Avril Lavigne!

And the first album? Very embarrassing but… Busted!

Who were your favourite band as a kid? I loved far too many bands it is hard to say but I fell in love with the new metal stuff like KoRN, Evanescence etc… but I also loved Tori Amos! 

What was the name of the first band you were in? Hastur

And do you remember the first song you wrote? I do, it was when I was about 8 or 9??  It was a song called ‘We are the Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls’ – written for my sisters and my band (when they were old enough to be in a band!)

What was the best gig you played? Maybe…. That moment when I got to sing with Snow Patrol at the EMA’s in 2012??

Which of your songs are you most proud of? They’re all my babies so hard to choose favourites!!!  Most recently I’m proud of the new single for being brave and showing its face to the world! haha! 

Who are your favourite current band? I am digging Dinosaur Pile Up at the moment! 

What was the last album you purchased or streamed? Last album would have been the new Korn album! 

If you could put a fantasy band together, who would be in it? I’d love to see this combo – Dave Grohl (drums), Melissa Auf De Maur (Bass/Guitar/Vocals), Yvette Young (guitar), Lizzy Plapinger (vocals)… I’d also love to play a bit of rhythm guitar and sing!  haha! 

Rews can be seen live with The Darkness on the following dates:

25th – Cypress Avenue, CORK, Ireland
26th – Limelight, BELFAST, N. Ireland
27th – Academy, DUBLIN, Ireland
29th – Rock City, NOTTINGHAM, UK

1st – O2 Academy, BIRMINGHAM, UK
2nd – O2 Academy, LECEISTER, UK
3rd – Cliffs Pavilion, SOUTHEND, UK
6th – Corn Exchange, CAMBRIDGE, UK
7th – Pavillions, BATH, UK
9th – Pyramids, PORTSMOUTH, UK
10th – Dome, BRIGHTON, UK
11th – Colosseum, WATFORD, UK
13th – Academy, MANCHESTER, UK
14th – O2 Academy, NEWCASTLE, UK
15th – O2 Acadmey, GLASGOW, UK
17th – Barbican, YORK, UK
18th – O2 Academy, LIVERPOOL, UK
20th – Roundhouse, LONDON, UK

Tickets can be found at