On the eve of their latest trip to the UK we sit down with Eternal Fear’s guitarist to talk about it

So you are back in England to celebrate your anniversary, you recorded your live album here, I guess the UK is special to the band?
Yes we are back doing four dates in UK celebrating our 20 year anniversary. England is special to us. We all grew up with the classic British bands. As we spent a lot of time in UK touring we also found many places very similar to the heavy industrial area where we come from. Always feels like coming home when we arrive to England. To record the bands first live album in London was very special and I’m very proud of it. I think that the first Black Sabbath album was recorded very close to where we did that live recording……yayy how cool is that?!

Twenty years is a long time, when you started did you ever think you’d be doing it twenty years later?
Yes its a long time. I don’t think anyone of us thought that when we started.
If you had to pick out one highlight from those twenty years what would it be?
Hard to pick one, we have experience so many positive things during this journey so far. We have always done what feels right for us, have created our own music and stayed true to what we believe in. Its a highlight when people like what we do.
And without wishing to be negative, what was the lowlight?
Once we where out of drummer and Ove [vocals] was sick for a long period. Me, Daniel and the bass player rehearsed with a drum machine. We had a strong feeling the band was going nowhere at that point but think its a good knowledge and made us stronger. I’m very glad we hang in there and didn’t gave up.

Looking back to last year, you toured about the same time of the year, and we spoke then, how did that go?
The tour last year went very well.
And the future, there’s a new album I believe. What can you tell us about it?
Yes its a new album and we have now taking a break from the recordings, Will continue after the tour. I have a very good feeling about the new material. Have put in some of the new songs in the setlist so if anyone want a pre-listening come To any of the shows.
And looking a little further forward, what do the next twenty years hold?
We will continue on our path, To be solid, doing our own thing.
Looking more broadly, Eternal Fear play a brand of what we might call traditional heavy metal, how is that scene looking right now? Music seems to be getting ever more fragmented?
I have no idea! But for sure we ill still play Heavy Metal.
What is it about you Swedish people!? How do you come up with so many cool bands?!
There is a lot of bands out there and yes some of them comes from Sweden hehe. Cant really say if there’s any special reason for that but If some bands have success people check bands from that area and find more.
And finally, same time next year?!
You never know when EF shows up but hopefully we do some gigs in UK when the new album is out.