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 Brand new occult EP out this July

Taxi Driver Records is proud to announce that Psychedelic Witchcraft‘s EP “Black Magic Man” will be released in a limited edition 10” vinyl record in two exclusive versions: bi color White/Swamp Green (100 copies) and Swamp Green (200 copies).

Pre-orders have already started at: or and vinyl records are going quickly! They will be available and distributed from 30th July.

Black Magic Man” EP Tracklist:
1. Angela
2. Lying on Iron
3. Black Magic Man
4. Slave of Grief
Link for streaming:

The band reckon the EP is: “For all fans of heavy occult rock with female vocalists, whose tradition goes back from the 70s to nowadays, from Coven to Blues Pills, from Jefferson Airplane to Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony and Sabbath Assembly.” 




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