Pigs Might High


Monumental stoner from Italy 

Prehistoric Pigs are a trio formed by brothers Juri (guitar) and Jacopo Tirelli (bass), and by their cousin Mattia Piani (drums).

The band was formed in 2012 as a direct prosecution of the jam sessions that the three guys used to have for a lot of years previously.

Prehistoric Pigs deal in instrumental stoner rock, with doom, space and psychedelic influences.

The band say they have “a heavy, rough and distorted sound merge with Hendrixian solos, Kyuss style riffs and krautrock melodies. The lysergic and hypnotic atmospheres evoked by their music lead straight to the Californian desert, and then float to the obscurity of Uranus skies and collapse to the deepest bowels of the Earth.” Sorted!

Prehistoric Pigs published their first album “Wormhole Generator” in the end of 2012, with Moonlight Records. After a lot of concerts in North Italy, they exported their music abroad playing in festivals and clubs in Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Ireland.


In the summer of 2014, a “Split” with the Irish band Electric Taurus has been released by Go Down Records. After a series of gigs all over Italy, and subsequently to the deal with The Smoking Goat Records, Prehistoric Pigs are now getting ready for the release of their second full length, expected for the spring of 2015.

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