Null And Void


Black metal from Sweden and its out now

MEPHORASH, hailing from Sweden, has existed for five years and during this time they have gained a lot of ground. They have been working together with members of Ofermod, Malign, Embrace of Thorns, Acherontas, Fides Inversa and Hetroertzen. To mark this five year milestone they are now ready to unveil their best work so far “1557 – Rites of Nullification”

We give you a taste of what the album has to offer by presenting to you, the first track of the album “Riphyon – The Tree of Assiyah Putrescent”, featuring Nebiros of Malign, ex Ofermod:

1. Riphyon – The Tree of Assiyah Putrescent
2. Phezur – Dissolving the Sea of Yetzirah
3. Cheidolun – Breaking the Blade of Beriah
4. Berberioth – Vandalising the Throne of Atziluth

Mishbar Bovmeph – Guitars
Ayram Etaumiel – Guitars
Mashkelah M’Ralaa – Vocals
Loqatzov Baasmu – Lyrics, Vocals
N. Tengner – Vocals


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