(Not So) Sweet Dreams


Another Black metal band? But Onirism reckon they are different

With the number of Black Metal bands out there increasing by the hour, it’s becoming hard to differentiate the leaders from the followers.

With a penchant for intelligent and dynamic songwriting, ONIRISM stands out as a viable force in the genre. They reckon that “Cosmic Dream”, their first full length, is an  “onslaught of high quality Epic Symphonic Black Metal album is energetic and atmospheric, setting violent moods with a flurry of breakneck, blackened riffs and machine gun drumming; all textured nicely by a haunting layer of keyboards.”

ONIRISM is a solo project from Nantes (France) created in 2014 by Antoine Guibert (Hentgarm, Belenos).

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/Onirismband


Cosmic Dream Tracklisting:
1. Purple Sky (Introduction)
2. Beginning of a New Era
3. From the End to the Origins
4. Ephemeral World I
5. Ephemeral World II
6. At the Heart of the Desert for the Eternity (Introduction)
7. The Curse of Ahriman
8. The Old Man
9. Darkness
10. Weavers of Time
11. Baneful Glows in the Night Sky (Introduction)
12. Cosmic Dream

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