No One Strokes Faster Than Kevin


Mithridatic man is a record breaker

While on his routine training, MITHRIDATIC drummer Kevin Paradis decided to give the world record for double pedal speed drumming a try… and nailed it! This is of course an unofficial record, as the only witnesses were the camera and his recording DAW, but still incredibly impressive, and, comments Trey Xavier of who premiered the news: “I have no doubt he could do the same with a drumometer!“.

The record’s rule aren’t about reaching unbelievable tempos, Kevin can definitely play way faster than 260 BPM, but about being able to sustain the effort and, in both configurations (1 minutes long at 260 BPM and 5 minutes long at 240 BPM), Kevin reached a staggering 1037 (current world record is 1034) and 4797 single strokes (current world record is 4595) respectively.

MITHRIDATIC’s virulent blackened Death Metal debut, “Miserable Miracle“, has been unleashed upon mankind on March 11, quickly followed by a Europe tour with NILE and MELECHESH, getting the band both quite some praise from the media as well as from a growing fanbase. Grab your copy at the Kaotoxin Shop here.

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