Nigel Isn’t Past It


Birmingham based band release new single and we are streaming it

Nigel Purcell Trio have just released their new single “Future Past Sounds.

The Nigel Purcell Trio are
Nigel Ratcliffe
Andrew Purcell and
Colin the computer!

They (not the computer) have worked together on and off for the last thirty something years.

In 2012 Andrew approached Nigel to record a collection of his instrumental tracks and these were released as the album “An Evening With The Nigel Purcell Trio.”

In 2013, the Trio recorded tracks originally recorded between July 1982 and October 1983 and this was released as “Not Now.” Also in 2013 the album “As Was” was released featuring re-recorded material from 1978 to 1980.

The next album “Life Is Everything that happens Inbetween” came out in 2014 followed by “A Coming Together Of Ages”

2015 saw two compilation EP’s being released respectively in response to feedback from listeners which focused on the quieter side of their eclectic output called “Calm” and Not So Calm”

This was followed by “The Ghosts of Rookery Park” single…

A new album “Future Past Sounds” was released April 2015 and is a story based album.

Here is the title track:

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