More Great Vinyl Releases From Our Friends In The US


This lot includes lots of Hawkwind and Nazareth

Back On BlackLet Them Eat Vinyl, and Rock Classics have been releasing quality vinyl products in North America since August 2010.  Each release is pressed on exquisite, heavy weight vinyl to produce the very best in sound quality with a mesmerizing tactile feel that makes them a pleasure to handle. Beautiful vinyl colours are carefully chosen to complement the artwork, with some releases available in a variety of colours for the dedicated collector. Many releases are double or even triple LPs!

Many titles (and even more that are not domestically available on a national level) are available for wholesale purchase and mailorder through our US partner Manic Music & Distribution.

Titles out June 30 

DOA, Bloodied But Unbowed LETV136LP
Hawkwind, Choose Your Masques RCV105LP
Hawkwind, Church Of Hawkwind RCV130LP
Hawkwind, Onward RCV079LP
Hawkwind, Sonic Attack RCV104LP
Hawkwind, Spacehawks RCV131LP
Nazareth, Exercises RCV107LP
Nazareth, Expect No Mercy RCV095LP
Nazareth, Hair Of The Dog RCV096LP
Nazareth, Nazareth RCV106LP
Nazareth, Play N The Game RCV109LP
Nazareth, Razamanaz RCV097LP
Plasmatics, New Hope For The Wretched LETV224LP
The Damned, The Black Album (deluxe) LETV179LP
Vibrators, Pure Mania LETV138LP
Vibrators, V2 LETV139LP

Titles that went on sale  June 16 
Corrosion of Conformity, IX BOBV386LP
English Dogs, The Thing With Two Heads BOBV381LP
Pestilence, Obsideo BOBV371LP
Procol Harum, Live at the Union Chapel LETV338LP
Procol Harum, The Well’s on Fire LETV341LP
Procol Harum, Broken Barricades LETV199LP
Procol Harum, Exotic Birds and Fruit LETV201LP
Procol Harum, Grand Hotel LETV202LP
Procol Harum, Live in concert with the Edmonton Symphony OrchestraLETV204LP
Procol Harum, Procol’s Ninth LETV200LP
Procol Harum, Something Magic LETV203LP
Rotting Christ, Aealo BOBV415LP
Rotting Christ, Kata Tom Daimona Eaytoy BOBV416LP
Rotting Christ, Theogonia BOBV414LP
Tiamat, Sumerian Cry BOBV372LP
Vampillia, Some Nightmares Take You Aurora Rainbow DarknessBOBV379LP

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