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Star bass man discusses his record company days in new Podcast

In a new monthly podcast series launched in January 2015, former Peaceville employee Dave Pybus discusses his days at the company at the start of the 1990’s.  Responsible for the layout and design of many classic Peaceville titles (and perhaps more widely known for his time as bassist with Anathema and Cradle of Filth), Dave talks with some of the bands and artists from the label’s history, reflecting on the ways of the industry and the changes since. 

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Podcast episodes feature varied guests such as Artists (Dave McKean, Brom, William Simpson, Ryan Brown), Writers (Pat Mills, Joel McIver), Actors (Doug Bradley), Musicians and industry insiders covers various topics new and old.

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes for free from Life is a Hideous Thing by Dave Pybus on the iTunes Store.

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