Mike Ross Releases the Official Video for First Single from Forthcoming Album

 Mike Ross releases the official video for the first single from his brand-new 12-track album, ‘Third Eye Open’ (due out spring 2023). Mike hasn’t so much started the ball rolling as fired a first cannonball salvo with the albums debut single ‘The Preacher’

Full of raw rock energy and colour, ‘The Preacher‘ hits the listener hard, right from the word go.  What’s more, Mike is aided and abetted by guest vocals from Brit rocker Jack J Hutchinson who had this to say about the track.

‘With soaring vocals and fuzzy guitar he lays it all on the listener with a cautionary tale of learned lessons and new roads to walk, Mike has delivered a 3 minute slab of southern infused rock’

The visual accompaniment for ‘The Preacher’ brings alive the vibrant energy of a big rock gig; with stage lights blazing, hands raised from an audience drawn into the spell of the music and moment, raising their hands high in classic rock, sign of the horns salutes. 

If this first single is anything to go by then you can rely on Third Eye Open to deliver the promise of being ‘hands down the fattest, nastiest, chunkiest thing’ Mike’s ever done…

 As Henry Yates put it in Classic Rock Magazine: “You need to know Mike Ross.”Check out the video here 


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