Just Dandy For Temple Of Demios


New split record in the works

Taxi Driver Records together with Temple Of Deimos and Dandy Brown announce the release of a split record in Autumn 2016.

Steve “Dandy” Brown is very well known in Palm Desert, Joshua Tree (CA, USA) and in the worldwide music scene. A producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he is already bass player and composer of many of Hermano and John Garcia’s releases. e also recorded two albums for Orquesta del Desierto together with Pete Stahl, Mario Lalli and Alfredo Hernandez.

Temple of Deimos are a pure “desert stoner rock” trio from Genova (Italy), whose sound is very much influenced by the Palm Desert music scene. They already released two albums and Taxi Driver Records supported them promoting their latest record “Work To Be Done” at the end of 2014.


Temple of Deimos have always been fascinated by Desert and its mysteries. After having recently shared the stage with their personal idol Nick Oliveri, this is what they say concerning the collaboration with Dandy Brown: “We’re so honored! For us, this is the very first official contact with Joshua Tree and with one of the creators of the sonorities we love so much”. Fabio Speranza (guitar and voice) and Riccarco Eggenhöffner (bass) also take the chance to announce that a new drummer, Francesco Leo, has recently joined the band.

The album will be released in Autumn 2016 by Taxi Driver Records. Temple Of Deimos will record two new songs for the split next Spring at Mattia Cominotto’s Greenfog Studio (Genova, Italy), and Dandy Brown will provide two previously unreleased tracks from his solo project.





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