The powerhouse rock band Hurricane #1, have released their highly anticipated third single, “Tonight” available now via Golden Robot Records. This captivating track showcases Hurricane #1’s unique blend of jangly heavy-edged rock, infusing the energy of The Jam with the raw power reminiscent of AC/DC.

Prepare to be enamored by the infectious melody of “Tonight” a song that barrels forward like an unstoppable train. With its mesmerizing guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and commanding vocals, this dynamic composition demands your attention from the first note. Hurricane #1’s distinctive bluesy rough-cut vocals breathe life into the lyrics, painting a vivid picture of a band poised to take the stage and deliver an unforgettable performance. “Tonight” epitomizes Hurricane #1’s essence: an explosion of raw, unbridled energy fueled by an unwavering passion for music.

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Tonight” serves as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come as fans have eagerly awaited Hurricane #1‘s upcoming album, ‘Backstage Waiting to Go On‘, and the wait is almost over. ‘Backstage Waiting to Go On‘ is an album that etches itself into your musical soul with just one listen. Its infectious upbeat attitude and irresistible, catchy choruses make it a perfect companion for any situation. Each track leaves an indelible mark, evoking a sense of nostalgia and fondness. ‘Backstage Waiting to Go On‘ stands as a testament to the golden era of Rock ‘n’ Roll, proudly carrying the torch as one of the last great albums of its kind. It builds upon the momentum generated by the first two singles, “Everyone Laughed” and “Awake at 9“, further amplifying the anticipation surrounding the album’s release.”Tonight” is available now on all major streaming platforms, followed by the full length album ‘Backstage Waiting to Go On‘, on June 16, via Golden Robot Records.

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