Hellhorse Promise You A Good Ride


If you say you sound like Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, we say you’d best be really great……

As we approach the May 13th release of the anxiously awaited new album from Denmark’s fiercest purveyors of sludgy rock, HELHORSE, the band proudly unveils their new video for pulse-pounding lead track, “Hell of a Ride”.
Produced and edited by Plastickid, shot by Theis Mortensen and staged in a simple setting, the video shows that, really, sometimes all you need to make a point is a band in peak form (“sounding like the bastard child of Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy”), plus a bunch of rowdy friends. Simply, the song fully lives up to its title, bursting at the seams with ominous, explosive energy, and leaving the listener / viewer with the overriding urge to break something. Anything.
Join the party and bring the house down with HELHORSE’s gargantuan riff monster “Hell of a Ride”;

With their raw, unholy mix of dirty metal, punk and classic rock, HELHORSE have positioned themselves on the Nordic rock/metal stage as a serious force to be reckoned with. With two critically acclaimed albums under their belt, the Copenhageners take the next bold step forward with “Helhorse”.

Overseen by noted US producer Michael Beinhorn, this the Danes’ 3rd album will be released worldwide in May through Spinefarm Records on CD,  LP and all digital platforms.



Tracklist for HELHORSE’s “Helhorse”:

01. Carry Your Own

02. Among The Wolves

03. Fortune Favours The Bold

04. I

05. The Blood Boiler

06. Hell Of A Ride

07. II

08. Raise The Black Flag

09. III

10. My Haven / Your Hell

11. No Fucks Given



Mikkel Wad Larsen – Vocals

Aske Kristiansen – Vocals

Stephan Krabsen – Guitars

Jakob Møgelvang – Guitars

Theis Thorgersen – Bass

Jesper Bergstedt – Drums


www.facebook.com/helhorse | www.helhorse.dk | http://instagram.com/helhorse

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