CELLDWELLER drops new single ‘Blind Lead The Blind‘, out now on FiXT Radium, fifth studio album ‘Satellites’ out in 2022.

Check out the lyric video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf-jtAE3hQI

Los Angeles, California – Celldweller opens a portal into the expanding metaverse of his immersive world-building with the new single “Blind Lead The Blind” from his upcoming 5th studio album Satellites. Blending influences from doom metal and drum & bass with vinyl scratching and djent guitars, tempered with provocative lyrics and aggressive vocals, Klayton balances the track with pulsing synths and melodic hooks.
“I know I’m not the only one who feels that the world has been descending further into chaos and uncertainty. In an age of rampant misinformation and distrust, I feel more than ever that we are watching the “Blind Lead the Blind.”
Klayton (Celldweller)

Following previous singles “My Disintegration”, “A Matter of Time”, “Electric Eye”, “Into The Void” and “Baptized In Fire”, “Blind Lead The Blind” becomes the 6th single to materialize ahead of the upcoming full-length album Satellites, slated for an early 2022 release. Layering on top of Celldweller’s legacy as a multi-faceted artist/producer with a multi-genre approach, Satellites leans to the heavier side of the artist’s sound, appealing to fans of Metal and Prog Rock while incorporating a bevy of electronic influences.
Operating his own independent record label, FiXT, Klayton’s project Celldweller reaches millions of listeners each month across Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and Apple Music, amongst others, delivering a unique listener experience fans from all around the world have come to resonate with.

Purchase/Stream: “Blind Lead The Blind”: https://outnow.io/t/blindleadblind

About Celldweller
Personifying the sound of the playlist generation, Celldweller (Klayton) creates a fusion of digital and organic elements, ignoring genre boundaries and creating a pioneering vision for the future of modern music.
Celldweller has become a worldwide phenomenon with fans in over 130 countries and a catalog of music garnering over 500,000,000 streams.

Klayton, the multifaceted producer behind Celldweller, not only creates artist albums that have garnered an intense cult following but is well known in the media industry for his music appearing in hundreds of major Film / TV & Video Games, such as Westworld, Suicide Squad, Jack Reacher, Deadpool, Collide, Lucy, John Wick, Robocop, Pacific Rim, Killer Instinct Season 3, Now You See Me, Dead Rising 3, Call of Duty: Elite, Assassin’s Creed, UFC & more.


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