Good Gore


Death metal gore duo have just released their new one

 U.S. based Technical Death Metal duo NEVER TO ARISE released their sophomore full length album “Gore Whores On The Killing Floor” through the label Cimmerian Shade Recordings on September 25th.

A brutal musical concoction that exemplifies not only the pureness of what Death Metal should be but what lies ahead for the future of the genre, “Gore Whores On The Killing Floor” is the band’s first release since the “Hacked to Perfection” full length in 2012. Upping their level of technicality and brutality, the duo have taken NEVER TO ARISE to new brutalic heights by creating a blistering Death Metal touchstone supported by all the requisite elements: slicing and dicing rhythm guitars that rend and shred melody, tearing lead guitars and backed by relentless drum programming & juggernaut bass lines underlying it all over the course of this 10 track murderous musical menagerie.

NEVER TO ARISE “Gore Whores On The Killing Floor” is available now on the Cimmerian Shade Recordings Bandcamp page in Digipak and Digital formats.


01. Butcher Knife Birth Control (04:25)
02. Razor Sliced Hemophiliac (03:46)
03. Fornicating in the Blood of the Mutilated (04:26)
04. Boiled Alive in Battery Acid (03:47)
05. A Most Unwilling Organ Donor (04:13)
06. To Cum Is To Die (03:46)
07. Open Heart Punching Bag (03:49)
08. Severed and Embalmed (03:24)
09. Anatomically Pulverized (03:44)
10. Last Supper (05:28)

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