Naipia combine indie, rock and pop genres, leaving audiences with addictive hooks and melodies etched into their minds.

Naipia have created a lot of noise in the UK and beyond with their recently released singles Lonely and Tightropes. Now they’ve released their next single Bluestown via Golden Robot Records and it might just be their best track yet!

Bluestown is a song that has had a few different forms through its lifetime before it finally sat comfortably in Naipia. The song was written in a time of self reflection whilst feeling the weight of guilt I had on my shoulders after receiving a life changing process. I was looking into the way I would pair myself with someone who was willing to walk the knife’s edge and make mistakes with me. Essentially I was subconsciously going out of my way to create relationships with women who through their own pasts/habits would feed into mine, leading to a downward spiral eventually for both of us.

I felt an immense level of responsibility for my actions, but by the time I did, it felt too late in some ways. So this song for me was a note to myself that I recognise that person in me, but it isn’t me. I won’t be deluded by glamorisation of drugs with the thought of them making me feel free and I won’t ever put someone else in situations to feed that part of me that I recognise.”
– George Dewhurst (Naipia)

Stream/buy Bluestown HERE