They don’t look old enough to shave, but by crikey these boys are brutal

“Instrument Torture Of Pyramid” from Indonesia’s VASOMORTUS is a refreshing take on Brutal Death Metal. The band takes a modern, violent approach with a lot of bulldozing low-end pummel and mixes in a little DEEDS OF FLESH and less technical SUFFOCATION. VASOMORTUS never forgets its primary mission is to beat the listener into submission. VASOMORTUS‘s Instrument Torture Of Pyramid cram more intensity and crafty writing into twenty-nine plus minutes than most bands can manage on an hour long full length.

VASOMORTUS first full length Instrument Torture Of Pyramid is out now on Brute Productions, and is for fans of Deeds Of Flesh, Suffocation, Disgorge(Usa), Disavowed.

Instrument Torture Of Pyramid Tracklisting:
1.Abbatoir with Plan Without Dribble Blood
2.Bestality in Perfect Cleavage Inhuman
3.Condemned to Until Suffered
4.Consume Disgusting Flesh from Slaughter Rest
5.Human Slaughter at the End
6.Mutilation in Casket
7.Orgy of Dismemberment Torture
8.Suffering Retaliation Vile
9.Torture of Pyramid

Lambang (Vocals)
Wildan (Guitars)
Soba (Drums)