Brand new EP and the band is ready for take off

BlackHawkDown is founded on a mutual love for heavy music. The debut EP, “Prefix”, is a culmination of a four year long journey starting with four friends jamming in an attic to the current line up of five odd-shaped pieces which together have produced a unique, BHD-shaped unit.

The band tell us: “Our often clashing artistic influences have allowed the five of us to discover a unique heavy sound grown from a mutual appreciation of metal, rock and alternative music. “Prefix” features four vastly different tracks and is a window to the coming album and a mirror to our influences and passions.”

BlackHawkDown write songs as individual pieces of music and this is what binds the members together, drummer Mark says: “We are incredibly excited to finally introduce ourselves, our music and our intent with this record. Our EP launch will be announced very soon, we hope you can join us!”