German Brutalists Plot Your Demise


Brutal death metal debut, two years in the making, is out now

Macabre Demise presents their second full-length album entitled “Homicidal Parasites“. An album that is filled with blistering speed, charismatic vocals, rapid-fire riffs with snaking hints of melody in them… Macabre Demise prove with “Homicidal Parasites” that this band is and will be an unstoppable force in Death Metal. A hard working one-man Brutal Death Grind band from lower Bavaria Germany that started in 2007 as a project and in 2010 began as a full time project, playing shows with the likes of Vader, Haemorrhage, Vomitory, Nervecell, Debauchery, Fleshcrawl, Disastrous Murmur, Defeated Sanity…
Homicidal Parasites” was recorded in 2012-2014. Mixed & mastered by Abhorrent Technology Productions. Cover art by HeadSplit Desing. Homicidal Parasites logo art by Vaizal Rotten Art. Macabre Demise logo by Art Dystopia. Photos by Florian Moser Photography.



Homicidal Parasites Tracklisting:
1. Homicidal Parasites
2. Perverse Torture
3. Resurrection Of The Walking Dead
4. Blood Inhale
5. Back From The Dead
6. Zombie Squad
7. Depth Of Horror
8. Bloodbath

Macabre Demise is:
Andreas Rieger (All)

“Back From The Dead” feat. Hank (from Nexus Clandestine, guitar)
“Resurretion Of The Walking Dead” feat. Juan Calvete (from Exterminio, drum prog.)

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