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Listen to the new Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian band ThrOes,  are to release their debut record, This Viper Womb.

This Viper Womb is an album that stands alone, above and beyond the customary genre labels we attach so carelessly to music these days. These ten, powerful, exhilarating songs simply will not be caged or accept a yoke placed on their neck by the music authorities they refuse to acknowledge. The creative force behind ThrOes is Trent Griggs and he has created his own label, one his band shares with no other – Dissident Metal.

Every note, every word, every image that is part of This Viper Womb exists to convey Trent Griggs’ truth to the world. There has been no compromise in this creative process, no accessible openings in the music for those unprepared to engage fully with its teachings. With the help of the insane talents of Suffocation drummer Kevin Talley and infamous vocalist James Ludbrook, Trent Griggs has coalesced his world view into an aural assault of intimidating strength and wisdom.

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