FT-17 Off To War


Concept album about the horror of WWI

August 3rd 1914: Europe sets itself on fire. In France, hundreds of thousands conscripts are mobilized to fight against Germany. Among them, Marcellin Trouvé a young school teacher who is mobilized in the 57th infantry regiment during WWI.


The hero of this story decides to tell his story in his diary, and Frances FT-17 put it all to a blended mix of Melodic Extreme Metal on their new album entitled “Marcellin s’en va​-​t​-​en guerre” or “Marcellin goes to war” in English.

“Marcellin s’en va​-​t​-​en guerre” is forty-three minutes of intelligent, lethal hell fueled Metal precision-tooled to tear your head off and painstakingly crafted so that every note sparks with frantic energy. One great concept album that takes one through a time that is rarely spoken of in Metal.

ORDER: https://ft-17.bandcamp.com/
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/FT17metal

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