From The Pit’s Of Sludge Hell


These sludgers come to crush you and snort the rubble. Eeeek

Formed in Philadelphia in August of 2014, HELLRAD was born of Mike Hook (Eat The Turnbuckle, Bad Luck 13) and Robert Lepor (Brian Candle)’s singular vision of creating a form of sonic violence. No plan, no outline, just loudness. A few more writing sessions, and Herb Jowett (Javelina, Lick Golden Sky) joined on bass and an albums worth of material was coming together. Dirty Dave Repenning (Off Duty Death, Warsaw) was the last piece needed to complete the group, bringing a sometimes caustic, sometimes ground out vocal as well as menacing electronic noises.

HELLRAD’s debut LP, “Things Never Change” was recorded and mixed at Permanent Hearing Damage Studios by Steve Roche in November of 2014. Songs like “Dope Fiend Jesus” and “Street Zombies” are both musically and lyrically descriptive of the environment in which they were recorded. Dirty and loud guitars with groovy drums and destructive bass playing. Some may call it sludge, doom or stoner metal but HELLRAD are none of these things. They are HELLRAD, and they’ve come to crush you and snort the rubble.


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