Big Loud Records breakout artist Larry Fleet is set to drop the needle on his full-length album, announcing September 24th for the release of STACK OF RECORDS. Pre-order/pre-save here now.

Produced by Joey Moi and steeped in Fleet’s organic Country, Southern Rock and Soul influence, the album follows 2019’s WORKIN’ HARD and the success of his “Where I Find God” single, further revealing a classic Country star for the modern era. The vocal stunner credits his eclectic taste to his parents’ record collection, and with STACK OF RECORDS, creates his own artistic style.

“My mom and dad had one of those big record players with the big speakers and they had a little cabinet with all the records in it. I just loved Willie Nelson and dad loved Merle Haggard, the Marshall Tucker Band, Waylon and Hank and all those guys.”says Fleet. “My mom would listen to soul stuff,”he adds,“and then she’d have Ozzy Osbourne and Pink Floyd so I grew up listening to a lot of different artists. My influences were all compiled in this stack of records…Every song on this record is based off a stack of records.”

Featuring 14 songs and leaning into Fleet’s roots, STACK OF RECORDS finds the White Bluff, Tennessee, native and former construction worker coming into his own, and collaborating with Jon Pardi, Jamey Johnson and Bryan Sutton.

Offering a new take on gritty-yet-heartfelt Country Soul, Fleet co-wrote each song on the project with top-shelf tunesmiths like Rhett Akins, Brett James, the Warren Brothers and Connie Harrington. Harrington splits credit with Fleet on the uplifting single, “Where I Find God,” which has revealed Fleet as a talented singer-songwriter and family man, raised on the same small-town values as his fans. After its release in 2020, “Where I Find God” has already racked up more than 32 Million on-demand streams, while its official video has been viewed nearly 19 Million times on YouTube.

Released today, Fleet’s track “Different Shade of Red” showcases another side of his commanding Country style. Written by the rising star with Lindsay Rimes and Michael Whitworth, the romantic blast of backwoods R&B squeezes every last drop of Soul from Fleet’s voice, all about a country boy changed by love. Listen here / Watch the video here.

“I’m always excited to release music that I think people will like,” Fleet says about the brand-new track. “And this is just a fun one to play that’s about a good ole boy getting his world changed by all those things a woman does.”

Both songs give listeners a taste of the meaningful, lasting connections Fleet hopes to forge with STACK OF RECORDS, and there’s more to come as its release approaches. Fleet is currently on the road for a headlining concert tour, and will also appear at fair and festival dates around the country through November 2021.


1. Stack of Records – (Larry Fleet, Ben Hayslip, Eric Paslay)

2. Lifetime Guarantee – (Larry Fleet, Chris Gelbuda, Brett James)

3. Where I Find God –  (Larry Fleet, Connie Rae Harrington)

4. Quittin’ Ain’t Workin’ – (Larry Fleet, Rhett Akins, Will Bundy)

5. Different Shade of Red – (Larry Fleet, Lindsay Rimes, Michael Whitworth)

6. A Life Worth Living – (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brett James)

7. Hurt Feelings – (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)

8. Church Parking Lot – (Larry Fleet, Lindsay Rimes, Michael Whitworth)

9. In Love With My Problems – (feat. Jon Pardi) – (Larry Fleet, Jake Mitchell, Josh Thompson)

10. Three Chords and a Lie – (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brett James)

11. Never Wanna Meet Another Woman – (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Lydia Vaughan)

12. Heart On My Sleeve – (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Jeff Hyde)

13. One For The Road  –  (Larry Fleet, Emily Fox Landis, Logan Wall)

14. Highway Feet (feat. Jamey Johnson & Bryan Sutton) [Bonus] – (Larry Fleet, Jamey Johnson)**

**Bonus track available on physical album and album download

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