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Bangladeshi thrash beasts 

Surtur was formed back in 2012 by Shadman Omee in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Individual differences caused the old lineup to perish – however, in 2014, Rifat Rafi joined him as a drummer which proved to be a potent combination.
Aided by the additions of Riasat Azmi as the vocalist and Masnun Efaz as the bassist, the pieces of the puzzle fit together and they started appearing in local underground gigs. Their original compositions around this period gave birth to their debut EP – entitled ‘Descendant of Time.’ Surtur’s debut EP ‘Descendant of Time’ depicts a true heavy metal fantasy about the arrival of a messiah from the old school roots who will put reins on all that is phony and immaterial.

All songs are composed by principal songwriter Shadman Omee amidst input from other members, with an aim to stay as close as possible to the musical style
of late 80’s and early 90’s thrash metal.
Masnun Efaz (Bass)

Riasat Azmi (Vocals)

Shadman Omee (Guitars)

Rifat Rafi (Drums)

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