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Mix Black Flag with Electric Wizard and what do you get? Well, this.

Virginia blackened punk-doom power trio SATAN’S SATYRS rose from the underground in 2010 as the brainchild of then seventeen year-old bassist / vocalist Clayton “Claythanas” Burgess.

Inspired by “the speed and aggression of Black Flag and the psychedelic, downtuned, horror infused atmosphere of Electric Wizard”, Burgess single handedly wrote, recorded and mastered the band’s 2011 debut, Wild Beyond Belief. Comprised of eight scuzzy doom-punk anthems that married high-octane Stooges style rock with Sabbathian weight and a frenzied, untamed energy, the LP seethed with a deranged and dangerous vibe and was hailed as “one of the most caustic debuts in recent memory.”

Invited by Electric Wizard to play the Jus Oborn curated ‘Electric Acid Orgy’ at Roadburn 2013, the band performed a set made up entirely of covers of 1960s proto-metallers Blue Cheer. Oborn had this to say of the band, ”they push the filthy line between 60s punk and doom…Sabbath, Venom, Stooges, Flag. Violent, filthy, ugly and loud, like it should be. Fuckin genius!”

This hand-picked appearance solidified the band’s growing underground reputation. Indeed, Oborn and Electric Wizard were so impressed that Burgess is now also playing bass in the band. 2014’s sophomore LP, Die Screaming showcased SATAN’S SATYRS as a full band and further pushed the group’s obsession for NWOBHM melodic sensibilities, raw, late-1960s acid tinged boogie jams and 50’s comics to biker/horror hybrids into the red. SATAN’S SATYRS will release their highly-anticipated new LP, Don’t Deliver Us on October 30, 2015.

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