Florida gore duo want to aurally cripple you 

Never To Arise is a Death Metal duo based in Florida. Gordon Denhart and Mike Kilborn combine forces to discharge such an aurally crippling and melodic barrage of sound that a first listen without the proper preparation may leave the audience bereft of all sense and helpless.
A brutal musical concoction that exemplifies not only the pureness of what Death Metal should be but what lies ahead for the future of the genre. “Gore Whores On The Killing Floor” is at its core a release that is thematically and musically grounded in the ugliness, brutality and finality of death. Building and expanding on its 2012 debut “Hacked To Perfection”, “Gore Whores On The Killing Floor” takes the band to new and exalted heights in musical gore reveling!
The debut album from NEVER TO ARISE “Hacked to Perfection” can be found on the Cimmerian Shade Recordings Webshop.