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Death metal from Canada under the microscope

GOMORRAH, formed in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia originally as a black metal outfit in 2006 has now grown into an assaulting brutal groove and technical death metal band ready to unleash their boundary-pushing extreme sound in their upcoming, yet to be titled, second full-length in 2016 on Canadian label Test Your Metal Records to follow their 2013 ‘Perception’ LP and 2011 EP ‘Rome’.

“We have stepped up the quality of everything: the pre production process, the writing, structuring, lyrics, individual performances, mix and master have been improved. The combination of all those improvements translates to a major difference between our previous recordings and the single “A Disaster’s Nightmare” as well as this forthcoming full-length. Improvement, through effort and time.” Comments guitarist Bowen Matheson.

Their name is best associated for its historical reference to the city of sinners as stated in the Book of Genesis, the Qur’an and Hadith, the Torah, and the New Testament, in which Gomorrah was destroyed by a higher power and lay in ruins. The band mimics the feeling of claustrophobic animosity one could imagine in the city leading up to its destruction through their punishing guitar, high-speed drumming, and guttural vocals while creating dark, irking soundscapes. The lyrics are inspired by the instrumentals and lyrically provide a gateway into each individual story being portrayed.

Coming from various musical backgrounds, members Bowen Matheson (Father’s Lung, Frozen Soil), Connor Bartley (Creative Bloodline), and Jeff Bryan (Atre Este, I, Atrocity, and Superhero Bestfriend) have taken their past experiences ranging from jazz to metal, to coalesces into a signature brand of aggressive metal.

Gomorrah has shared the stage with Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Archspire, Ancients, Striker Origin, Beyond Creation, King Parrot, Ninjaspy, KenMode,Bison BC, The Agonist, Fuck The Facts, The Order of Chaos, Slumlord, Fall City Fall.
2016 – second full-length album (title TBA) – LP
2015 – A Disaster’s Nightmare – Single
2013 – Perception – LP
2011 – Rome – EP
Shared the stage with:
Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Archspire (4 times), Ancients, Striker (twice), Origin, Beyond Creation, King Parrot, Ninjaspy, KenMode, Full Of Hell, Nylithia, Bison BC, The Agonist, Fuck The Facts, The Order of Chaos, Slumlord (twice), Fall City Fall (twice), Shreddy Krueger, Putrid Brew.

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