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As the French hard rockers get ready to release their new Monster Man opus, here’s their story

The Flayed project was created in early 2013 by guitarist Julien, who had already written a bunch of tunes and asked some friends to help him record them.
The first rehearsals were magical and revealed a great chemistry between all band members, who were all experienced musicians having served time with artists like God Damn, Butchery, Angela Parker and Yak in the past. It was clear that this was meant to be a real touring band, not just a studio project.
And to confirm it, in 2014 they played several shows in their native France and recorded their first studio album entitled “Symphony for the Flayed”, an explosive and infectious of blend of blues and classic rock that flows together beautifully. Produced, mixed and mastered by Raphaël Cartellier and Romain  Gayral at Studios Cartellier, “Symphony for the Flayed” is a glorious attempt to bring back the bluesy, foot-taping riffs of the mighty Deep Purple and Led Zepplin with a more modern, energetic twist.
Now in 2015, just a few months following the release of “Symphony for the Flayed”, the French heavy rockers are back with a new effort titled “Monster Man”, which is set for release on October 26th once again via Klonosphere Records/Season of Mist.

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