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Another day, another Italian band, this one does concept albums 

Ensight were born in 2009 from the minds of Gabriele Caselli (Ex-Eldritch, Ex-Domine), Raffahell Dridge (Eldritch) and his brother Dimitri Meloni.

This first core of the band immediately began to write material for a possible album.
In the meantime they started the auditions for a singer and a bass player and after some weeks they found in the young and talented Alessio Consani (Eldritch) their six strings element. So they were ready to develop the sound of Ensight.
Working hard on the new stuff they understood the band was instinctively composing a concept album, so they created a storyline for the lyrics that could follow step by step the atmosphere conceived for the music. Sooner they built up material for an upcoming album but they chose to record only a part of their work to quickly knock at labels’ door and to finish improving some tracks that not completely satisfy the band.
After a very long time and many auditions they found in Antonio Cannoletta the powerful and versatile voice they were looking for! The band can finally end the recordings!


01 Downfall
02 Godfreak
03 The Pain Society
04 Hybrid
05 Words and Dust
06 Bloodstained
07 Falling from Above
08 Until the End
09 As the World Falls Down


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