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Last week we featured their impressive new video. Now the band themselves get the treatment

Engineering a unique style of metal music with oriental instruments from East Asia, Montreal, QC’s Elderoth intertwine modern North American and European styles in a must-hear album with each track flowing across to the next to create a dynamic taste for fans. Featuring intense guitar licks, complex keyboard arrangements and powerful rhythms, Elderoth delivers a challenging sound that is catching the attention of metal aficionados, guitarists and professional musicians around the world for its pinnacle of musicianship, composition and technical ingenuity.  The prog power metal band unleashed its new album ‘Mystic’ on April 28th to follow their 2012 self-titled debut.

Founding member and mastermind behind Elderoth, Collin McGee comments:

“We are glad to finally have this album released, quite a lot of work was put into it, and it really was a great learning experience. Bringing in the new far eastern oriental influences has really added a new twist to the development of our own unique style. I feel it is only just the beginning. This album showcases many new fresh and original ideas that we had to put on the table. Originality and being able to catch the listener’s attention has always been a goal for us, that and writing and playing what we enjoy as well. We’ve made this to reach out to our loyal fans and our new potential fans as well.”

Mcgee, the man behind the vision of Elderoth is the primary author, composer, lead guitarist, and singer. Through his years of being self-taught, studying music theory and composing endlessly, McGee has mastered composition on guitar and other instruments at a world-class level, along with writing lyrics and developing his vocals to a professional level that stands out in the audio mix both live and in the studio.

For more info, please visit the following links:

Album order: http://elderothband.bandcamp.com




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