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How you can help get their new venture off the ground

FARMAGEDDON, one of Western Canada’s loudest open air metal festivals for the last three years has announced they will be putting 2016’s event on hold to present a more intimate indoor showcase and conference in Edmonton, AB for late Spring 2016.

In order to present the conference / metal festival, Farmageddon organizers Prairie Fire Events LTD. are turning to crowd funding to help raise $10,000 to get this event off the ground.

Donations can be made at the following link:

In a video message, FOA representative Tyson Travnik explains:

“Prairie Fire Events Ltd is the not-for-profit incorporation responsible for proudly organizing and operating the Farmageddon Open Air metal festival in Ryley, AB. Farmageddon Open Air was planned for 2015 to be a year that was built to be a milestone for the festival. However, the influx of exchange rates, foul weather, and a variety of other factors took its toll on the gross income of the festival.

The Farmageddon Open Air festival, among our other brethren Canadian metal festivals is designed to cater to the true heavy metal fan and the subculture that goes hand-in-hand with the music. Offering a hub for networking, a high-caliber live music experience, and a venue for fellowship are the top priorities, and main goals when it comes to the festivals hosted by Prairie Fire Events. That said, sustaining these festivals annually take a huge toll on those involved, both financially and physically. HOWEVER…we have no intention of stopping. Prairie Fire Events holds firm to our intention, that we will do everything in our power to create the most coveted metal festivals in Canada.
After much discussion, it has been decided that the Farmageddon Open Air festival will become an event that takes place every TWO years. This gives us more time to fund raise and promote the event. In its place during the off years, however, Prairie Fire Events is proud to announce that the early planning stages have begun for an indoor metal conference and festival! This festival will be held in the late spring of 2016, in premium venues located in Edmonton, Alberta.
As a sister festival of Farmageddon Open Air, a large goal behind this new festival is to bring the positive values and sense of family of the local metal scenes closer to the public eye, and assist in its discovery by new fans.
To obtain the funding needed to cement the backbone of these festivals for the upcoming years, we are reaching out to YOU for yoursupport. Every penny counts, and we are humbled by your generosity. We can sincerely promise, that we will do our very best to invest all proceeds as wisely as possible to create events that lead to positive experiences that will stay memorable for years to come.
For all the latest info and updates on these 2 festivals, please visit us at Prairie Fire Events on Facebook.
Thanks again for all your support! We never forget who you are!
Prairie Fire Events Ltd.”

For more info on Farmageddon, please visit

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