Entrails Ready To Obliterate


Release Of Metal Blade-Bound Full-Length Draws Nears

With the final descent of Obliteration, the imminent new long player from Swedish death metal legion, ENTRAILS, now less than two weeks away, today the death dealers at Cvlt Nation are pleased to raise the dead with the coffinated sounds of latest single, “Obliterate.”

Captured by guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist at his own Bloodshed Studios and mixed and mastered by legendary musician/soundsmith Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Aeon, Hail Of Bullets etc.) at Unisound, Obliteration is a snarling, beast of a record boasting nine harrowing psalms of auditory revulsion shrouded in ceaselessly morbid atmospheres that uphold the truest traditions of old-school Swedish brutality. “I guess ENTRAILS have sold their souls to the Devil,” said Dan Swanö upon the record’s completion, “because there is no other way to explain how a band that’s been doing the same style of SweDeath for more than twenty-years, can keep making better and better records! In fact, some of the tracks on this album are among the best death metal songs I have ever heard. Such a great album…it pisses me off!

Already reaping praise from death-loving critics in the proverbial know, Metal Riot applaudsENTRAILS for manifesting, “a consistent boiling vat of ashen char that you’ll choke down with a smile through broken teeth on every release,” further commending their, “rapid fire, raw buzzsaw death riffing,” and, “tasteful lead textures.” Upon their initial impression of first single, “Beyond The Flesh,” No Clean Singing gushed, “Don’t be bashful: Turn your goddamned volume up… Get the full impact of those enormous, smoking chainsaw riffs. Feel the brunt of the percussive hammer blows. Let the sinewy guitar leads infiltrate your grey matter. Allow the predatory vocals to sink their teeth into your neck… This is a Grade-A prime cut of death metal beef served Swedish style,” while MetalSucks applauds the band’s unswerving delivery of tunes that are “drenched in a thick layer or horror fiction and undead imagery.

Comments Cvlt Nation, host of the band’s latest hymn, “Obliterate:” “do you enjoy music that rips your guts out and dances in your viscera? Then look no further than the new release from Swedish death metal militia ENTRAILS!

Relish the audio repugnance of “Obliterate” now streaming at Cvlt Nation HERE

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